SaaS Providers

nGrid have entered into various licensing or partnership agreement with the SaaS provider to provision on demand software services or subscription based software services, our SaaS provider include the followings:

1. Microsoft (SPLA)

Microsoft offer various software on a monthly subscription basis through the service provider licensing agreement, software includes:

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Microsoft Development Suite (Visual Studio)
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Dynamic (CRM)
  • Microsoft Compute Cluster (HPC)
  • and others


2. 1-Net Singapore

1-Net currently manages telco-class Internet Data Centres, along with providing domestic and international connectivity, managed services, managed security and consultancy, and media delivery services.


3. VMware (VSPP)

VMware offer virtualization platform on a monthly subscription basis through the VMware Service Provider Program, service includes:

  • VMware Infrastructure (Foundation, Standard & Enterprise Edition)
  • VMware VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)


4. Parallels (formerly known as SWSoft)

NewMedia Express is the gold partners of Parallels, currently offer the following software on a monthly subscription basis.

  • Parallels Business Automation (Standard & Enterprise Editions)
  • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
  • Parallels Plesk Control Panel & Sitebuilder


5. Advance ERP

Enterprise ERP application is now available at affordable rate on the monthly subscription hosted model. Application includes: Payroll system, Logistic application, HR Management, Accounting, Resource Planning and etc.


6. Wired-Media

Wired-Media provides rapid deployment of e-commerce engine with product catalog, shopping cart & payment gateway integration.


7. cPanel Inc

cPanel is a hosting automation company driven by technology and dedicated to providing the most feature rich, easy to use, practical applications. We are committed to the hosting community and our continued role as a market leader.


8. Pantropic

Pantropic is a specialist in data protection and disaster recovery planning. We help companies protect their critical business data, and help them keep their applications up and running.