Price Plans

Compute Price:

S$1.00/per hour for 1 x Compute Processor Cores (Processor speed equivalent to Intel Xeon Processor 2.0Ghz or better)

Storage Price:

S$8.00/per 1GB Fiber Channel Storage/per month (Min subscription 10GB, increment by every 10GB)

S$2.00/per 1GB SATA Storage/per month (Min subscription is 10GB, increment by every 10GB)

Package (1): Enterprise VM Hosting

  • Full Redundant Server, Storage & Network Hardware
  • VMware ESX Platform (High Availability Ready)
  • 1 x Dedicated Compute Processor Core with 1GB Dedicated RAM
  • 10 GB FC Storage (RAID6 Configuration)
  • Choice of Linux or Windows OS (Windows Server 2003 or 2008 License Included)
  • 8 Public IP Address¬†
  • Shared 100Mbps Internet Connection*
  • Managed Security Services (Based on Cisco 6500 Series Firewall Service Module)
  • Managed Basic System Administration (OS Level)
  • Weekly Snapshot Backup (Up to 4 Archive)

Monthly Fee: S$850.00
Professional Services: S$500 One time charge, for initial OS installation & security policy setup.

Dedicated 1Mbps Internet Connection at S$250.00/per month.
Additional 1 Compute Core with 1GB RAM at S$720/per month.
Additional 10GB FC Storage at S$80/per month.
Additional 10GB SATA Storage at S$20/per month. 

- Price exclusive of 7% GST.
- Shared 100Mbps Internet Connection is only applicable for user that uses less than 1Mbps constantly (sustained throughput).