Infrastructure of nGrid consists of the following:

Download: Latest nGrid Infrastructure Logical Diagram

1. Data Centre

Physically hosted in 1-Net Singapore data centre located at Technopark@Chaichee, 1-Net Singapore data centre carries the following features:

  • 24x7x365 Customer Support Centre and monitoring.
  • Power availability 99.9995% dual sourced
  • Precision air-con and environmental monitoring systems
  • FM200 gas suppression system
  • Water and Smoke detection systems
  • Multi-feed distribution matrix
  • Rooftop backup diesel generator
  • UPS standby power supply
  • 24x7x365 security video surveillance
  • Proximity card and biometrics security system

2. Compute Resource    

Fujitsu Primergy Blade Server, each chassis support up to 80 processor cores, 320GB RAM, features include:

  • 4 x Power Supply Module (Redundant Configuration)
  • 2 x Blade Switch Module
  • 2 x Management Module
  • Each server blade support 2 x Intel Low-Voltage Xeon Quad-Core Processors 

3. Storage  

NetApp FAS Dual Controller Storage Subsystem, support up to 420 Disks, more than 100 Terabytes storage capacity, features include:

  • Support RAID-DP high performance RAID-6
  • Support both FC Disk & SATA Disk
  • Support CIFS, ISCSI, FC, NFS protocol
  • Dual Controller Active-Active configuration with 8GB Cache Memory
  • Redundant Power Supply 

4. Network

Cisco 6500 Series Core Switch, equip with Supervisor Engine 720 support up to 720Gbps switching backbone, feature includes:

  • Redundant Supervisor Engine 720
  • Redundant Firewall Service Module
  • Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Up to 20Gbps Firewall Throughput 
  • Firewall with Multiple Security Context 

5. Virtualization Platform

VMware ESX Server provide OS virtualization to support 32bit or 64bit x86 based operating system. Majority Linux OS & Microsoft Windows Server is supported. Other feature includes:

  • High availability virtual machine
  • VMotion (Live Migration)
  • DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) 
  • DPM (Distributed Power Management)