nGrid infrastructure is a carrier neutral facilities. User may provision bandwidth from any Internet Service Provider (ISP), alternately user may choose the multihome bandwidth provisioned by NewMedia Express.

NewMedia Express is a members of APNIC,  our network operate on BGP4 multihoming protocol with AS Number 38001.

NewMedia Express currently peers with the following upstream:

  • Starhub (Starhub Internet Exchange) 
  • NTT Communication (GlN – Global IP Network)
  • China Telecom (CN2 – CT Next Generation Network)
  • PacNet (Previously knows as Pacific Internet)
  • SingTel (ConnectPlus)

Other than Internet connectivity, nGrid is currently leverage on various service provider to provision inter-connection between several data centre in Singapore and the regions. Data centre includes:

  • 1-Net Singapore
  • Equinix Singapore
  • Global Switch (Singapore)
  • Ascenix (Singapore)
  • AIMS (Malaysia)